the prototype

As mentioned before I was working on a design for a greyhound toque.  I first tried the running greyhound silhouette figure but it wasn’t working too well working the in the round (too many long, long, long floats to be carried).  Then I whipped up a little chart with some text.

I'll have to try the jogless jog next time

The text says “Adopt a Greyhound” with a little heart at the end.

moments before the ripping

I thought the width of the band was too wide, so the next version will have fewer rows.

and I messed up the "G"

– and –

I didn't get the heart centered on the space between the end of the beginning/text

So I have ripped it out and have started again.  Because I will be making the light/mid grey band thinner/not as tall, there will be more black on the hat.  Everyone loves black, right?


8 thoughts on “the prototype”

  1. That is too cute! I’d probably have mispelled something – and until you pointed out the problem points, I hadn’t noticed them!


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