redux, times 2

The second go-round of the greyhound toque turned out much better.  I made the chart with fewer rows and used slightly different lettering on the chart.

This is with Cascade 220 Superwash wool.  I am making two for our greyhound rescue group’s annual fundraising picnic and auction in September.

I did the "jogless jog" on a couple of those colour changes

I need a bigger styro head

because I keep pulling the wool over the eyes of this one

do what it says!

Adopt a Greyhound

And in the “we know what side our bread is buttered on” department:

"Daddy's not done eating yet ... so we're not moving"

I had planned to have bbq chicken breast, grilled veg and a salad for supper last night.  The weather was so cold and nasty I just did the chicken and veg inside.  I made the Memphis Blues bbq sauce and grilled the breasts first on my grill/fry pan, then finished them in the oven.  I roasted the veggies in the oven, too.  It was pretty good. (And yes, the poopers got a little morsel or two of chicken when we were finished.)

chocolate chip cookies for breakfast?! Why not!

I had made these so called “New York Times” chocolate chip cookies a year or so ago.  I came across the recipe again on a new-to-me blog and they looked so tasty I decided to try them again.  If I remember the last time, they were okay, but for some reason I didn’t make them again.

This time, I measured all the dry ingredients on my scale.  I realized as I pulled the first batch out of the oven that I’d forgotten to sprinkle a little sea salt on the tops.

tasty cookies

You do have to plan ahead; the recipe calls for the dough to be chilled at least 24 hours.  Mine was closer to 30ish hours.  They turned out really tasty!!


6 thoughts on “redux, times 2”

  1. Maybe you could post the pattern on the blog or in Ravelry. I know a couple od greyhound scooters who would love the hat. Great job!!!

  2. Ditto re loving the hat, cookies and especially the Poopers! Terri, I checked the website for the recipe for the cookies which seemed ok (and look good too) but in the other blog there was mention of another website where the original cookie idea came from and I am pretty sure it was a virus/worm or something not right. It locked up my computer (iMac) and would only let me click on it – not in this lifetime! so I shut off my power bar to break the connection and then rebooted. Just wanted to warn people of a possible problem. Hugs to the Poopers!

  3. The cap looks fantastic! What a wonderful design. The cookies look so good that I am going to raid the kitchen for sweets now. I know there is nothing in there that will even come close to those. Mmmmmm.

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