lost in translation

Part of the work I do on one of my contracts is look at business enterprises both in Saskatchewan and abroad.  I came across a product info package from a Chinese company and one of the products they had was basically wagon wheels.

Canadian wagon wheels!

I laughed at how “wagon wheels” was loosely translated to “choco-pie”.  We were out getting groceries today and in the Chinese/ethnic aisle, my eye was caught with this:

mmm, Choco-Pie!

I looked at the packaging and these are definitely imported from China.  It was cool to see them on the shelf in SuperStore.

One of the things that entertains me about this work is how things get translated.  And sometimes when I’m not sure about something, I’ll take the translation, go to Google translate, translate it back to Chinese then back to English again and it will be different enough for me to figure out what they mean.  (Mostly with business products, business types, etc.)  Never a dull moment!  I’ve been insanely busy for the past number of months.  Last month I made enough $$ to fund our entire holiday (Pacific Rim National Park – Vancouver Island and then Vancouver), if I can find time in October to go!

Ava got some new duds:  Pezzack Pet Wear had a free jammie raffle and we won.  Here’s Miss Ava modeling:

warm flannel jammies! Now give me a cookie!

I don’t remember if I posted a photo when Ava got her new winter coat from Sonia (Pezzack Pet Wear) back in April – it’s so warm and cosy:

Almost as warm as Florida

This is the same kind of coat as what we’d gotten Sabrina back a month or so before she passed.  Sonia makes them double-layered with fleece/fabric and a nice long collar so you can pull it up as a snood.  Very warm and cuddly.

Next time I’ll have some pics of the Noro Kureyon socks I started  a couple of weeks ago.


3 thoughts on “lost in translation”

  1. Congrats on funding the vacation. Sounds like a cool job! I am often entertained by the translations of various words from my own mother tongue into English, or vice versa. What’s worse if when you’re talking to someone, and you insert the weird translation instead of the word in the language you are currently speaking! That’s embarrassing!

  2. I think they call those Moon Pies in the U.S. I’ve had a few in my life. 🙂 Ava’s new coats are really nice and of course she looks great.

  3. Congrats on the vacation! It sounds like it will be a beautiful trip!

    Ava is a beautiful model! I love those jammies on her!

    Choco Pie sounds good right about now!

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