time out

I’ve spent the better part of yesterday and today printing out files.  Most of them are at least 1 ream of paper thick; some more so.  It’s strangely tiring to sit here and click, control-P, collate, add paper, change toner, etc.  My laser printers are faint with overwork.

je suis fatigué

They are comprised of many pdf files and some are only a few pages long, but there will be dozens of them to complete one person’s file.

wheels up ... halfway

Apollo seems so logy these days.  He drapes himself over whatever bed is nearest.

this bed cannot contain my nose

I had been contemplating what sacrifice it would be to take a small point & shoot camera vs. my Canon DSLR on a possible upcoming trip:

quick shot with no care as to settings or composition


DSLR shot with flash bounced

Hmm, looks like it’s no contest.  I’ll have to do a more precise comparison, though.

more Apollo lassitude

He’s so subdued, but he’s always down for a w-a-l-k, so he must just be slowing down a bit.

"why are you upside down, mommy?"

Look – it appears to be knitting:

"Noro is like a box o' chocklits. Ya never know whatcha gonna get" - Terri Gump

My latest socks in progress.  From looking at other projects on the Rav using this yarn, I thought it would be more of a pastel-ish rainbow palette.  Not this acid green and yellow … thing!  We’ll have to see how the colourway goes once I do the heel flap and get down around the gusset.

I hear my manservant has arrived with my Subway sandwich, so I will go eat now.  Then get back to my file printing …


7 thoughts on “time out”

  1. Those socks look so cute:) I love random dyed yarn and not knowing what I’m going to get. Well, when I had time to knit!

    The DSLR photo is way better than the P&S, obviously, but in a pinch there’s nothing wrong with the P&S photo. Ava looks gorgeous in all photos, and Apollo is positively exuding relaxation:)

  2. I remember my last job, where there were days where I spent hours photocopying manuals (client would want seven copies, but the part would only come with one), then collate, hole-punch, and put in binders. Those days were hella-exhausting.

    Scritches for the puppies!

    1. Hi Rori, I tried emailing you but it bounced back. Yes, they are retired racers from the US. I’m in Canada but our “local” group (7 hour drive from us) works with organizations and kennels/tracks in the States to help find these beautiful dogs forever homes.

      They are something special! Little Ava is our third; we lost Sabrina to bone cancer in January.

  3. So sorry for your loss! They are BEAUTIFUL!! We met one in Albuquerque once, he was a Brindle called Buster. Don’t know why the email isn’t working..I’ll message you or something.

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