Ava is different

because Sabrina would never have allowed this:

cuddling with momma

Not the most flattering pic of me, but she looks fabulous!  Such a sweet face!  Sabrina hated to be constricted or confined and didn’t stand for any hugging or encircling of arms.  She would flip out if you tried it (just ask Jim!).  Knowing this, it made the fact that she allowed me to carry her up and down the deck stairs several times a day during the last week of her life so poignant.

she's a happy girl

Often I’ll come out of my office and into the living room and she will be sitting up with just enough space between her and the arm rest for me to sit down and wrap my arms around her.  Within minutes she’ll be sprawled across my lap, completely content.

point & shoot in difficult light conditions

Actually, I think my dslr would have had trouble with this one, too.  I popped my little p&s camera in my pocket yesterday when we took the poopers out for their 4 p.m. walk.  I was sitting in the shade with Apollo and the sun was behind the big fella.  My very old, old Nikon digicam had a great “backlight” setting that would fire a fill-in flash to brighten the forefront of the shot, but I don’t think Canon has that.  My dslr I would have to have used the flash and it may have been too much and washed out the shot.

which is it?

Can you tell?

take a guess

I used comparable settings/functions to take two similar shots for comparison.  Now for this trip (which might be in September or may be in November) I doubt I’d be taking many inside “keeper” shots; I’d want it more for outside urban landscape/building shots.  I don’t necessarily want to be carting along my dslr & accessories, but I’d hate to have sacrificed getting quality shots just for the sake of a smaller tote bag.  Decisions, decisions.  I need to mess around more with the p&s to explore the different settings.  I have a few months to decide, regardless, so it’s not a pressing need.


6 thoughts on “Ava is different”

  1. I’ll guess that the second photo is taken with the DSLR?

    Beryl isn’t a lap dog. She will snuggle up to me and enjoys cuddles but never tries to climb into my lap. Probably just as well as she’d be pretty boney!

    I’m passing on a Versatile Blogger award I recently received to you – obligation free:) If you would like to accept it check out my latest blog post.

  2. Def take the P&S. Your DSLR will just be a pain to carry. Unless you plan on blowing up and mounting your shots, the quality should be good enough. (Mind you, I’m not an actual photographer, so…)

    1. Actually, I was thinking about that for the -other- trip I have on the books. I’ll bring my dslr on our trip out your way. You’ll look fabulous(ly goofy)!

  3. You know, you never have a bad picture when you have a dog and your smiling. Those are always good pictures!

    We are playing with a Polaroid point-and-shoot my Mom gave me, and we are torn with the picture quality. If you look at today’s post the quality is poor (I still liked the pictures) but it takes fairly decent outside pictures. It’s nice to have a smaller camera to carry around though.


  4. I adore my DSLR, it’s a wonderful toy for a former professional photographer. I love to cart it, and all the accessories when I’m going somewhere to take photos, but for those times when I’m doing something and would like photos of that activity, the point and shoot wins hand down!

    I love that Ava is a cuddler. All our dogs, expecially 190 pound Bill, are lap dogs.

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