thunder is not her friend

We’ve had a couple of loud thunderstorms in the past week or so.  Guess who is terrified of loud noises like thunder (and some neighbourhood construction noise that sounds like someone letting a full sheet of plywood just whump down flat on concrete)?

where she spent a good part of the evening

Oh dear. The only safe place in the house, apparently.  There was nothing we could do to alleviate her anxiety.  I did put a dog bed in the hall for her so she wasn’t lying on the bare floor.

Happier times (aka "Friday") when she hadn't a care in the world.

I did some baking over the weekend.  I had some bananas that were just right to make banana bread.  I used that same recipe I talked about here and I weighed all the ingredients (at least the ones that had weight measurements). It’s all very precise.  I baked the batter in 4 mini loaves and 38 minutes and they turned out really good.  Judy and Mike stopped by Sunday morning for a visit and they didn’t spit it out, so I think it was okay. (There was some knitting show and tell, yarn trading and dog fondling …)

Friday night I mixed up more of that chocolate chip cookie dough and let it sit in the fridge until yesterday afternoon.  Also when I mixed the dough I weighed all the ingredients that I could.

exactly 1.5 oz of cookie dough per cookie

For the best results and even baking, I made sure each “ball” of dough was the same weight.  This batch is the best yet.  And I remembered to sprinkle a few grains of Kosher/sea salt on the cookies before baking.  Sooooo good!

Those Noro socks are still loitering around the heel flap stage … oh, knitting, how I miss you!!


4 thoughts on “thunder is not her friend”

  1. I’m glad Ava is a snuggler. I worked with a veterinarian who used tranquilizers for his own dog when thunderstorms rolled in. I suppose Ava has found her own safe place and that’s her way of having some control over the noise.

  2. I really suggest trying a Thundershirt for her! We got one for Bunny before our local parade because the sirens really upset her. It won’t completely solve the problem, but it does help to make things a lot more bearable for them. Plus, it has a money back guarantee. They aren’t cheap, but I think it was worth the money we spent.

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