you cats get off my lawn

After the thunderstorms left today, Ava was back on kitty watch:

grrrr ... bark bark BARK!!

Apollo wasn’t sure what she was going on about, but he went along for the ride!  I had the windows open and the cat did run off when he heard Ava’s bark.  Good girl!


3 thoughts on “you cats get off my lawn”

  1. When I got my greyhound, I was told that “greyhounds do not bark”. Well, Audrey did not bark until a friend of my husbands came into our back yard while I was out there. Audrey got between me and the “intruder” and barked her head off. He very cautiously backed out through the gate and closed it quickly. After that, Audrey had it in her mind that she was my protector and would always get between me and anyone that would approach. So…. good girl Ava. Today scare off a cat and maybe tomorrow protect mom.

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