I don’t know if we are having more thunderstorms than normal for this time of year, or if I’m just noticing them more because of Ava’s anxiety and shaking.

Apollo lends his support to Ava during thunder

Although as soon as the thunder goes away, she’s back to normal:


The storms don’t upset Apollo, nor his appetite:

It's 5:30, mom, where's our supper?

(Although Ava was more concerned with the thunder outside “pant, pant, pant”)

It's 5:30 ... chicken time ...

(Ava went back to the hallway)

Mom? Chicken?


hungry hound here, Mom ....

Disclaimer:  no greyhounds were starved during the making of this blog entry.


3 thoughts on “Stormy”

  1. Hee hee hee! I am relieved to know that no hounds were starved! I think I asked if you were going to try a Thundershirt with Ava before. I think it might really help her!

  2. I had to laugh at your closing line. I just love Apollo and Ava so much. You take such great pictures of them and their facial expressions.

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