Canada Post and other douche bags

For those of you who are reading from outside Canada, you may not be aware that our national postal service is in the midst of a labour dispute.  The union began on June 3 by having rotating 24-hour strike actions.  The mail was still moving across the country, albeit slower.  Canada Post responded by reducing mail delivery to three times a week.  They and the union have been negotiating the new agreement for months and months and now that the existing one was set to expire, things were coming to a head.

Canada Post then arbitrarily locked out all the workers on June 14th (douchey move).  Since then, they were supposed to have been still negotiating trying to find a resolution.  The federal government stepped in and is bringing forth back-to-work legislation.  This will come into effect within the next few days, it’s anticipated.  The thing that enraged me was last night finding out that both parties walked away from the table.

The union KNOWS that the offer they will receive via legislation/arbitration will be considerably less than the offer currently on the table from Canada Post.  At this point any sympathy I had for the union dissolved in a puff of smoke.  They deliberately shut down the negotiations while they still had time to come to a better agreement than they are guaranteed to get via legislation.  I just don’t understand that.  And by the way, fuckers, I want my parcels!!  I have half a dozen parcels (about three from the States) that are in limbo somewhere; movies from TCM, refills for my FiloFax, and other good and important things.  I want them delivered!!!  So get your asses back to the table, make an agreement and get the mail moving again.

Speaking of douche bags:

it's baaack!

Remember our neighbours? The car that hit our house? (And the other one that hit our trees?)  A few months after that, the red car disappeared and they got a big black Chrysler 300 like ours.  Oh, that reminds me – I never did comment about the Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago.  I was working in the kitchen and heard their car come roaring up the driveway.  Our neighbour and two other guys piled out of the car, so drunk they couldn’t stand up.  Then they had a brawl there on the driveway, right next to my deck.  Nice.  The one guy (who was the brother of my neighbour) was pounding the crap out of him and he passed out on the ground with his pants down around his hips, shirt off and his flabby gut hanging out.  Gross.  They got themselves into the house and about 30 minutes later, took off again.  You better believe I called the po-po and gave them a drunk driving complaint.

But I digress.  Soon after that fight episode, the black car disappeared and the red one came back, quite a bit worse for wear.  I wonder whose house they rammed into with that front end?

got any cookies?

what about in the kitchen, over there?

look deeply into my eyes ... you will go to the kitchen ... you will bring back cookies ...

Ava is such a funny little dog.  When she first came to us, to reinforce her house training (the transition from crate training to all-house training) every time she would come in from doing business in the yard, she would get a little cookie.  She became so imprinted to that, now if Apollo goes out into the yard (and she does not), when he comes back in, she’ll go stand by the cookie cupboard.  Even when we take them out for walks, as soon as we get back in, she’s loitering around the cookie cupboard.  This morning the big fella took them out for a walk and when they came back, she walked through the kitchen, but then went to the couch.  She was trying the GH mind meld to get me to deliver her expected cookie.

Okay, I gotta get back to work.


7 thoughts on “Canada Post and other douche bags”

  1. . I hate unions. They hold everyone hostage. Back in the Peabody Coal Mine days, unions were essential to gaining basic human rights for workers. Today, unions are the bullies.

    Sorry about the neighbors. Put the police on your speed dial. Three visits from the local sheriff and my neighbors became better citizens.

  2. I’m kind of a fan of Margaret Thatcher for bringing the unions to their knees in the 80’s. It doesn’t take long for a few union leaders to bring a country to a halt. I want my mail to come back, too. 😦

  3. I totally agree with you about the sympathy evaporation. I’m not sure that the union membership should be excited about their leadership. I too have Important Parcels stuck in postal limbo. Usually the Knitpicks email that says “your parcel has entered the Canadian Postal System” is cause for preliminary celebration, but this time not so much. I don’t need my mail every day, but three times a week would be nice. I’m okay with them being legislated back to work.

    Your poopers are way more cooperative in the face of a camera than mine. With Wallace it’s “run away”, and with Attie it’s tits-up-and-aren’t-I-cute.

    Maybe you should plant mushrooms or rice.

  4. Loved your blog.
    I found it after I Googled the phrase…”Canada Post is a douche”…and up came your post. LOL
    I’m still waiting for my parcels from eBay. They lost 2 of my packages last year. They always return the birthday cards sent by my folks in CA. Unions have their place, but compared tothe U.S. postal service, ours is crap.

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