Happy Saturday

We almost got away without rain today.  We’ve had so much rain and so many thunderstorms in the past while.  Our river (half a block behind our house) is so high and running quite fast.  There is no flooding danger for us as the banks are very high, but it’s amazing to see how much it has risen.  It was sunny and warm when we were out earlier getting some groceries, etc.  Then the sky darkened and right now it’s raining quite hard and the thunder is rumbling.  I have the furnace fan on, as well as the tv, so Ava isn’t quite sure if she’s hearing rumbling thunder or not.  Robert Mitchum is on TCM, so I’ll just tell her it’s his gravelly voice.

side light

I bought a little gadget this week from Henrys.com.  (Thanks courier service!)  One thing with my auxiliary flash is that when I take photos in this ^ orientation I can’t bounce the flash overhead.  I saw this Rogue Flashbender and decided to try it.  I only briefly messed around with it here, but I think it will work okay, once I figure out the angles.

are you getting my good side?

It’s good for macro shots, too because I can diffuse the flash so it doesn’t wash out the subject.

Apollo in the stretch

After a long day of napping.

Apollo Long Shanks sphinx'ing

Waiting not oh so patiently for supper?

Welcome to the House of Lethargic Greyhounds

does this bed make my jowls look big?


cheek by jowl

I wanted to do some baking and knitting today, but we had other things to do.  Maybe tomorrow.  I’m past the heels and gussets on those Noro socks; I’ll have to give it a good push tonight and tomorrow and have a couple of photos for next time (of the CRAZY colours in this yarn!).


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