if that don’t beet all …

Ande sent me a link to a chocolate cake recipe.  I’d seen variations on the theme before, including one on a cooking show where one of the tasters said it tasted like dirt.  O.o

looks pretty darn good!

I checked out my favourite recipe resource, Taste Spotting, and found some likely candidates.  Then I googled, and I have no idea how I got to this recipe, but this is the one I used:  Ross Burden Chocolate  Beet Cake.  I used my Kugelhopf pan and baked it for about 43 minutes.  Turned out perfectly.  As always, I topped it with my ganache.  (I so dislike a super sweet icing on my cakes; the ganache is perfect for almost every cake!)  I steamed the beets, cooled them a little then pureed them with my stick blender.  Worked perfectly.

so moist and delicious

We’ve kept trying a piece to see if we can taste the beets and we cannot.  But we keep checking.  heh.

innovative use of a wooden double-point

I’ve been trying to figure out how to stretch the (leather) pen loop on my Filofax.  I love it, but the loop is too narrow for my favourite pens.  After it stretched out over night, my Uni-ball Signo 207 pen did fit in there, but after a few hours I couldn’t get it out.  It shrunk back to its original dimensions.  Back to the drawing board.

l@@k! Two heels and two gussets!

Slowly plodding along on those Noro socks!  It’s smooth sailing down to the toe decreases now.

Poopers are fine; we haven’t had any thunderstorms for a few nights and Ava pretty much slept through the vehicle being stolen and rolled on the street a few houses down yesterday at 4 a.m.  We didn’t but she did!


3 thoughts on “if that don’t beet all …”

  1. That looks like a cool recipe to try! I imagine that the beets make the cake really soft and moist. Mmmm…

    My pooper is terrified of thunderstorms himself, but at least he sort of settles down if you sit with him. He trembles, but at least he’s not trying to burrow under the couch or scrambling into the bathtub in panic.

    I’m hoping the vehicle wasn’t yours! Sheesh!

  2. You could try shoe stretcher spray on the Filofax loop, if it stretches shoes it might do the trick.

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