not a fail

While the whole wheat bread was a fail, this chicken chow mein is always a winner:

yummy goodness!

There’s a lot of prep work for this recipe, but it comes together quickly once you start.  The broccoli doesn’t taste out of place at all.

Hmmm - it was 1 lb 4 oz before I took the photo

I mixed up another  batch of the NY Times Choc Chip cookie dough.  I’ll chill it about 24 hours, then bake off.  I mixed it up about 4 pm yesterday.

chocolate bits

The little rectangular bits are what I can get at SuperStore; that’s what I used last time.  The bigger round bits are what I get at the bulk food store (and what the recipe calls for) but they were all out the last time I wanted to make these cookies.  Big melting globs of chocolate when the cookies are baked off.

someone has his nose out of joint

Last night their kibble and chicken was delayed a bit (i.e. by 10 minutes).  Apollo was disgruntled and morose.

Ava was more vocal in her disgruntlement.

She is such a talker.  She moans and groans and whines and yodels.  Thankfully after these photos the big fella fed them.  (Note that they always have kibble in their bowls, but there was [gasp] no chicken!!)

whatcha got in yer pocket, daddy?

Only one thing (other than chicken) that gets their rapt attention.


Oh, hi mommy – we didn’t see you there …

poor Ava - you snooze, you lose!

(the poor little waif DID get another piece of cookie after the photo)

can we go inside now?
the old fella

Ava and I went back inside in the lovely climate controlled environment

the old fella and the big fella



2 thoughts on “not a fail”

  1. I know how I should be commenting on how luscious your chow mein looks or how yummy those cookies are going to be or how cute your dogs are or how handsome your big fella is but all I can do is be amazed at how green your grass is. Living in NC we only have crispy brown stuff this time of year. What I would give to run barefoot in your yard (knowing of course that you never let any poo lie around). I will try your chow mein though. It is making me very hungry.

  2. The photo of her doing her snooze/lose look is precious. It is too much. That one should be printed out.

    Ava and Fab should Skype. Fabian is a whiner, too. They could Skype and talk about how they’re abused for not getting food all the time.

    I need to hurry up and post this because I’m watching “40-Year-Old Virgin” and have nearly written so many wrong words. Wrong. Wrrrrrong words.

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