I think this is the longest it’s taken me to finish a pair of socks.  I think I started these on May 20th.  The other night I was working on them and the big fella actually said, “you don’t knit very much any more”.  No kidding.  That’s gotta change.  There’s only so much time in the day and a huge portion of that is taken up by work.

weird colourway!

This is Noro Kureyon sock yarn colour #92.  From the outside of the skein, it looked like muted rainbow colours, not this wild acid green/yellow.  I still like how they turned out, it was just not as expected.

super sock model #2

Taking up Sabrina’s torch.

I worked the socks from two ends of the skein.

Most balls of Noro that I’ve worked with don’t really have a specific repeat; this one appears to, though.  I wound off 50 grams into a ball and then just used the remaining part of the skein as is, instead of winding it into a ball as well.  So the progression of the yarn was reversed for the first part of the skein.   The colour scheme is reversed from one sock to the other.  I doubt they still would have matched at any rate.


I think I actually prefer the cookies made with the smaller rectangular bits, not these big super-chips.

still taste yummy!

These spread out a little more than the last batch.  That could be because it was quite hot on Sunday when I baked them off, or maybe because of the bigger chocolate pieces?

Hopeful dog is hopeful.

Ava patiently supervising the big fella stripping the meat off three roasting chickens that he cooked for them.  She didn’t leave until he was done.  They get a handful of roast chicken meat on top of their kibble every supper time.

My Filofax order!

The mail is finally moving – this little envelope of Filofax goodies was ordered on June 2nd.  And I got it on July 4.  Grrrr.


6 thoughts on “socks!”

  1. Hi Terri:
    first-Love those socks, Love Ava modeling those socks, and top it off with those cookies…I was going to email you and tell you that your last update of the mail not running, just made me giggle out loud…Your a woman that just speaks her mind..that’s what we need more…(((& more knitting)))
    Stay cool, Gail Lucille—in Oregon.

    1. We’re staying cool in our a/c! I got one more parcel today, so the “in limbo due to strike” count is now down to one, so I am pleased with that.

  2. Those. Socks. Rock. ! I started knitting so I could learn to knit socks. Sadly, I still can’t knit socks. I have a whole sock yarn stash though for when I can get some lessons O-o. haha. Noro is one of my fave yarns. So…odd yet compelling 🙂

    Cookies look delish!

  3. Those socks are nifty. You have almost inspired me to try Noro sock yarn again.

    For those unlucky people who couldn’t be there in person, the official cookie tasting Wednesday morning was a roaring success. While I have met very few cookies that I didn’t like, these are among the best. Terri, you can come to knitting any time you like. (or at least send cookies.)

    1. They’re not the softest socks, but I am strangely enamoured of their rustic scratchiness and bizarro colourways! Next time I’ll bring the cookies made with the SuperStore bits for comparison. I like those better. Although there’s really no such thing as a “bad” chocolate chip cookie, is there?

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