About mid-morning our sky looked like this:

weird clouds

The clouds looked really freaky – just like they did a year or two ago before a tornado hit north of the city.  I kept checking the weather network and online and they didn’t say anything unusual was going on.  A bit later it started to rain – a good West Coast soaker type rain.

This was Ava before the clouds came:

arrrr - look at my fangs!

Luckily the mail man braved the rain and delivered Ava’s Thundershirt.  (I got it through NGAP – actually if you’re part of the cult, have a look at their store; they have some awesome merchandise.)

perfect snuggy fit

It’s a compression-type garment; it’s supposed to be very close fitting and snug.

like Spanx for greyhounds!

After she modelled it and we made sure it was the correct size, I had put it aside.  Shortly after that, the thunder started rumbling.  Ava started shaking and panting right away, so I coaxed her over and put the Thundershirt on her.  She was still groaning and pacing a bit, but soon she went and laid down on our bed and seemed to be more at ease.  At least she was comfortable enough to stay on the bed instead of wedging herself into the  space between the closet door and the big fella’s night table in our bedroom.

Cascade 220 in colour #4009 "aporto"

I may have gone to Knit Club yesterday [gonna work Sunday to make up for it 😦 ] and found this lovely dark turquoise Cascade 220.  I brought home enough for a good sweater’s worth.

Look! It's a Flying Saucer of Sock Yarn!

Charlene had some new sock yarns in stock.  The one on the left is Trekking XXL in # 450 (oh look, it’s called Charcoal Plum).  It’s quite dark with shades of brown, dark grey/navy, dark purple.  I’ll make the big fella a pair of socks with it.  The middle one is Nova Sock Print in colour 311.  The two on the right are SchoppelWolle (the Zauberball company) “Fliegende Undertasse (Flying Saucer).  It’s supposed to knit up with big “flying saucers” of pooled colour like this.  There’s instructions on the saucer about how to wind off two balls from the skein as apparently it’s hand dyed in a specific manner to get two identical socks.  (Hello, Noro, are you taking notes?)

big boy takes a nap - thunder doesn't bother him!


11 thoughts on “Thundershirt!”

  1. I picked up one of those saucers as well my last trip to RCY (if you’re looking at the six socks on the back, the one on the far left). Now if only I could find time to finish the existing socks OTN, and finish Tour de Fleece, and wash fleece, and card fleece… Oh I need new handcards for that. /sigh

  2. I. WANT. THE. TREKKING. Such pretty swag!!! Glad the Thundershirt helped some!! Poor doggies. Ours have been wigged out with all the fireworks. :O( The flying saucer stuff looks neat also…which one first??

    Have I mentioned that I love your blog??

    1. LOL – thanks, Rori! The colours of the Trekking are so gorgeous. I’ll have to start on a pair of socks with them soon.

  3. We tried the thundershirt for 4th of July this year. I would say the same thing… not a cure, but at least she was comfortable laying down on her bed instead of trying to find the darkest corner of the house to crawl into.

    1. Elsie, I use the regular Cascade 220 a lot! I have some superwash that I’m using for a couple of toques for our greyhound auction. It’s still a nice yarn!

  4. Amazing this Thundershirt – have never heard of it. But reading your post made me remember the body bandaging Linda Tellington-Jones (TTouch) recommends fo- need to check the book. But I think our Flavie would NOT.LIKE. having to wear anything around her body – put her on a harness and she acts as it were full of nails. We don’t know what has happened to her in Spain before we got her…
    Tina in Germany

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