in the interest of science

So I decided to do an experiment with the NY Times cookie dough.  The recipe suggests you chill the dough for at least 24 hours.  Most times I chill it about 36 hours.  But for you, I made the horrible sacrifice of baking six off tonight at the 24 hour mark.  You know, to do a quality check.

half a dozen of yum!

I forgot to sprinkle on the sea salt. Oops. These baked off a little less time than usual, and didn’t spread out as much as the last batch. It was a cooler day today, maybe that made the difference?

oh nom nom!
the best thing in the world - melting chocolate!

Again, it was such a big sacrifice to test that cookie for scientific/photographic purposes. 😉

retro New Balance 574s
retro New Balance 574s!

I was clicking around online looking at shoes and came across these – cooool!  New Balance had the 574s back in the day (i.e. mid 80s) and they decided to issue a “retro” model now.  I love them!  I have a few pairs of running shoes that I wear for walking around, but they all have that super cushioned, fat clunky heel.  Great for running, not so much for walking.  These are so comfy, too.  Cool shoes!  And wow, you can design your own custom 574s!


3 thoughts on “in the interest of science”

  1. Oh, this is so the wrong time for me to see a bunch of melting chocolate! I could eat a house of chocolate right now! How you must suffer for your art! 😛

    Very cute shoes!

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