only a greyhound

could be this lazy while “swimming”

(found on one of my GH blog crawls)

We had a life jacket for Sabrina but Ava and Apollo are decidedly NOT water dogs.

ETA – I forgot to report on the cookies baked at the 36+ hour point.  DAMN good cookies!!


6 thoughts on “only a greyhound”

  1. Funny! It never even occurred to me that they would be lazy while swimming too but of course they wouldn’t be into all that paddling! Not that I can blame her much, I love to just float like that too but I’ve never had to resort to a floatie pillow for my head!

  2. Ddin`t know that you would use the Procollar as a swimming aid – though it looks like those things that you put around kids’ arms – I thought they were just for stopping from licking wounds… They are not known over here anyways, still the inconvenient plastic cones used… Two of our friends each have got one on my recommendation as I had come across them on the web – and as it is just the two sizes we need in an emergency, I know who to ask 🙂
    Bisou is the total different of this Greyhound, she paddles like crazy when I hold her in the pond trying to get as fast out of that wet stuff as possible!
    Tina in Germany

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