it’s a tough life

It’s hard being a greyhound on a Monday …

... sigh ...

... so tough ...

... how can I go on ...

Our weather forecast issued a tornado watch this afternoon.  It’s been insanely hot here.  Our a/c has been going for 3 or 4 days straight.  Usually, we can shut if off when we go to bed and have the windows open, it cools off enough at night.  But not lately.  Gross.  Hot and humid.  Anyway, we’re supposed to get severe thunderstorms tonight, so Ava is getting uneasy.

scaredy cat

She needs momma to save her from the evil storm.  Time to put her Thundershirt on.


5 thoughts on “it’s a tough life”

    1. @Rori, our first GH Sabrina, it took her about three days to adjust to home life (aka found out the couch was really comfy). Apollo was a double-bounce-back and while he had previous home experience, it took a few months for him to really blossom. (Due to his previous homes experience, he needed a lot of reassurance and love to bloom.) Ava took about half a day!

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