Weekly Wrap Up

Crazy busy here.  Still.  Wednesday I logged in 11.5 hours work between my two contracts.  I was dragging my ass yesterday morning.  I had been reading on Laurie’s blog lately about all the great walks she’s been taking.  That inspired me to push back from my computer yesterday afternoon and go for a brisk walk around the neighbourhood to clear my head.  Instead of walking on the dreadmill (blech) or going on my elliptical, I took advantage of our (lovely) cooler weather.  It was slightly windy and mostly cloudy but as I walked the sun came out on occasion.  I walked 3.2 miles in 50 minutes.

Since about November last year, we haven’t been able to take Apollo for brisk long walks like we used to.  Sabrina’s limp had started about then, and after she passed, and Apollo spent a hard winter, he’s only up for a leisurely amble about 1/4 of the distance we used to do.  And Ava is so NOT a fan of walking.  She’s quite content to stroll along at Apollo’s pace.  So it had been quite a long time since I’d been out for a good walk.  I forgot a few basic things.

1.  Don’t wear black yoga pants when the air temp is 18°C and the sun is coming out.
2. Don’t forget sunscreen.  I like to preserve my fish-belly white skin all summer.
3. Don’t forget sunglasses or a hat.
4. Don’t wear a regular bra and cotton t-shirt.  (Chafing!  Must dig out my wicking t-shirts.)
5.  Don’t forget a hankie.
6. As unstylish as it is, do take that fanny pack to hold BlackBerry, hankie and house key.  (I had clipped my BB onto the waist of my yoga pants and it was dragging them down.)

(Oh, I will digress a moment here.  I had been looking recently at classes and such that are offered at the new “field house” in town – spinning, boot camp, other fitness type things.  I need to kick it up and do something to combat this stupid peri-meno metablic slow down and weight gain.  I thought long and hard about it and besides the fact that I’d have to a) get up at 5:45 in the morning, or b) be incredibly uncomfortable personally (look up “misanthrope” ha!) with a bunch of strangers, I decided that money would be better spent keeping my eReader loaded up and getting on the elliptical.  But I do plan to do as much walking outside as I can, weather and time permitting.)

Speaking of old man Apollo,  I sent these two photos to Ande yesterday to illustrate how grey/white he’s getting:

Apollo Nov 18, 2007
November 18, 2007, a couple weeks after he came to us
apollo july 2011
July 2, 2011

All his beautiful red brindle on his face/head now has grey/white interspersed.  We’re all getting old!

After I finished the project that I can’t post here (surprise) I started my second “adopt a greyhound” toque.  This will also be donated to our adoption group for the September fundraiser auction/picnic.  I might be bidding on this one myself!

GH toque #2

Again, I’m using Cascade 220 superwash.  Three shades of brown.  The browns are a bit warmer than the flash makes it look here.

Ichabod Ava

That dog gets into the most contorted positions when she’s napping.

new knitting books
Amazon goodies!

I had borrowed the Fearless Fair Isle from the library and there’s a couple of things in there I’d like to try, so I ordered it.  The others I found on Ravelry and looked at the projects and they each have a couple that I’d probably make. Rav links:  Vintage Modern Knits, Knit One Knit All, Fearless Fair Isle Knitting, Sock Knitting Master Class.  Lots of ideas, now I just need to find time to knit!

Edited to put the title back in – why are you stripping the titles, WordPress?


3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up”

  1. My sweet Sapphire is 15 this year. She is a black greyhound and the white on her muzzle has crept up to her ears through the years. The rest of her is tweed now instead of black. Love our oldies!

  2. How can it be 4 years that he’s been with you, it seems like just yesterday you posted pictures of him coming home! I guess we’re all getting old, time is flying past.
    Ava is, as ever, adorable even without a head.

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