Hours worked today.  That’s crazy.

But!  I did finish off that greyhound toque on the weekend.  I really, really like the browns!  These photos are right off the needles and I didn’t do any fluffing or fancying up (i.e. smoothing out the colour work).  In lieu of trying to think of what to begin next, I took my long-abandoned Imogen project and will have that at hand – miles and miles of mindless stocking stitch.  Just what I need right now.

❤ Adopt A




Fab swirly crown decreases!

(more pics on Rav or Flickr)

Ava got a new collar on Saturday.  The two tag collars of Sabrina’s that she inherited have been rubbing the fur off the front of her neck.   We tried a couple on at the pet store, but this one has a soft doe-skin lining on the inside and the big fella insisted that she needed that one.  It’s quite striking and matches her colouring nicely.


Apollo is happy with his tag collar.  We did try on a studded Harley Davidson one on him, but it was too harsh for his handsomeness.

I'm too handsome for Harley!

I’ve been well occupied with meeting preparations and file work.  I did mix up another batch of THAT cookie dough on Saturday night and baked off a dozen last night after supper for our dessert.  Perfect!  I’ll have to find some time tomorrow night to bake off the rest of the dough.  This week is going to be a hectic week and will culminate with my board’s AGM on Sunday.  Lots  of preparatory work until then, though.


One thought on “12.5”

  1. I love Ava’s beautiful soft eyes. And her new collar matches her perfectly!

    Apollo is handsome too, as always.

    Scritches to both, from Mandy and me!

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