I’ve been holding out on you

I alluded earlier that I was knitting something that I couldn’t show until the recipient received it.  I got the all-clear yesterday … no, wait,  Wednesday night.

Bacon Waffle Mitts!
bacon waffle fingerless mitts!

I saw this yarn at my LYS.  It’s a local yarn, merino, sea-cell and I think nylon.  I didn’t keep the little tag.  In the hank, it reminded me so much of bacon, I knew I had to make Ande something with it.  And what do you have with bacon?  Waffles!

stocking stitch palm

Vague notes are on my Ravelry project page here.  I’m too tired to think about it.  I combined two patterns to get what I wanted.  The yarn is a dk/sport weight and I used 3 mm needles.

the yarn colour is "mulberry" but I prefer "bacon"

They turned out really cute!  I used about half of the yarn and sent the rest along in Ande’s birthday box.

I don’t remember if I posted these photos here or just on Ravelry.  I knit up a baby sweater using some Bernat Natural Blends Cashmere.  I used a Five Hour Baby Sweater pattern.  I decided to put three buttons on it.  Super quick and easy pattern.
Sweater for Baby Felix Sebastian B.

This was for little Felix who lives in another country.  I saw a photo of him wearing it a few weeks ago and I had to laugh at myself.  I am completely clueless on baby sizing.  When I made and sent it to his mother in March (close to his arrival) I was worried it might be too small.  He only grew into it a few weeks ago.  Ha.

In lieu of having to think of what to start next, I’ve been working on that Imogen cardigan.  The 20 minutes at night I have to knit before I crash.  Sooo busy, but after a meeting on Sunday, it will be back to my regular hours.  Still lots of work to do, but I hope to have some more time in the evenings to knit and relax.

ETA:  I saw this on HLN today and it cracked me up.  Smart dog!


7 thoughts on “I’ve been holding out on you”

  1. The way they appear on my screen they remind me of waffels with chocolat sauce and a big hot chocolate topped with whipped cream. Yummy! They look great indeed. And I love the place you put them on to take the pictures (besides your hands) :-)))

  2. I love those fingerless mitts & love the color & design! Nice job! Where did you find the pattern? Nice job on the 5-hr. baby sweater, too. I’ve made a coupe of those, too. I’ll have to check out that patten again, because I know of 2 babies due this winter.

  3. Nice bacon mitts!

    I haven’t knitted anything for a looong time, just crocheting. This kind of thing would be a great way to start again; quick and easy!

    Every summer I get this huge urge to just knit-knit-knit! Here in FInland (and mayde in Canada, too?) it’s nice that one doesn’t have to wait forever to start using the freshly-made knits – fall comes early (I LOVE FALL!!!). This year it didn’t happen though (at least not yet), too much other things going on (like writing about Filos all the time… 🙂 ).

    Wow, do I feel a little inspiration raising her head right now? 🙂

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE my BACONS mitts! You’ll have to tell me what stitch pattern you used for the waffle part so I can make a hat to match! I am the luckiest internet friend you have! Oh, except maybe for Felix, he’s raking in the handknit goodies!

  5. Mmmmmm…bacon!

    And thanks again for the boy’s sweater, I love how soft it is and he looks so cute in it. I’m clueless about baby sizing too, plus he’s on the small side anyway so hopefully we’ll be able to get more mileage out of it–maybe I’ll have him wear that instead of a freakin’ ski suit over his pjs for the next morning run. 😉

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