ice cream!

Yesterday was the annual general meeting for my one contract job.  We all went up to the park and after my work duties were done, we met friends for lunch.  When we lived up there, we went to this restaurant all the time with the dogs.  The owner would always bring out some water and pepperoni, etc. for the poopers.  Well.  This time they got that AND ice cream!

ice cream!
mmm, vanilla!

(crappy photos thanks to the big fella.  Apparently his version of “close up of the dogs” differs from mine.  These photos are both cropped down to eliminate the excess of background in this “close up” photo.)

ice cream!
brain freeze!

They had a big day.  While I was in my meeting, the big fella walked them around town, on the lakeshore, like we did with Apollo and Sabrina when we lived there.  The park/townsite was insanely busy due to it being a hot long weekend, so the hounds garnered a lot of attention.  When we left for the one-hour drive back home, they were completely exhausted and didn’t move a muscle on their bed in the van.

Now that a major work obligation for that particular contract is done, I am actually going to take today off and not to any work.  How weird it will feel!


6 thoughts on “ice cream!”

  1. Glad you had a good time. The Poopers look like they are in heaven with their ice cream. That is a photo of pure happiness! LOL. Have a great day!

    1. oh yes, Apollo loves ice cream and popsicles. This was Ava’s first taste of ice cream and she seemed to really love it. Her eyes were glazed over!

  2. Restaurant owners that understand dogs…such a novelty. I always enjoyed the times I took my dog to the dairy store where they serve up baby cones for little kids…..and, in my case, the dog. She, too, would enter a state of perfect happiness. I love how your poopers share so peacefully.

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