23 years + 20ish pounds

So almost 23 years ago, when I was a skinny little bitch (less the 20ish in the title) and wed the big fella, my wedding band was a teeny little size 4.5.  I’ve always had trouble getting it over my knuckle, but once on, it fit fine.  In the past week or so, it’s seemed a bit tight.  The other day the big fella and I went out for a brisk, long walk.  It was fairly warm out and when we got back, my hands were a little swollen.  Later that night I managed to get my ring off.

Yesterday, for some unknown reason, before I went out for my walk in the morning, I put my ring back on.  My finger still felt a little puffy, but I did so anyway.  When I got back from my walk, my hand felt puffy and after I had my shower, I tried to get my ring off.  I ran cold water over my hand.  I carried around a bag of frozen peas, etc.  I tried soapy water, I tried dental floss under the ring then wound up my finger to snug the ring off.  Nothing was working.   The more I yanked on it, the fatter my finger was getting. My hand was starting to hurt and I was starting to freak the hell out!  Auughh, get it off – GET IT OFF!!


I finally had to go out to the garage, get the big fella’s gardening shears/snips and cut it off. It actually looks/feels worse today for all the manhandling I did yesterday. So I need to see if the jewellers can size it up a half size or so. (I have some size 5 rings that I wear on my right hand and they fit fine on the left now.) That’s probably going to mess up the engraving on the inside of the ring.  Or I might just get a plain gold band as a replacement. (And it cracked me up to see that I could buy one on Amazon for $98!)

Ande suggested I go see my doctor about the swelling (also because my one ankle has been swelling for no reason off and on).  I told her he was just going to tell me I was fat and to lay off the chocolate and fries.  I will walk and ride my bike more before I’ll give up the chocolate!

I saw this commercial the other day and looked on YouTube, but it wasn’t there.  But now it is!!  It’s how daycare would be if I ran it:

“good morning [scanning …] female child”  Bwah ha ha!

snoozing Ava

The dogs were completely unconcerned that my finger was going to fall off … it wasn’t the hand that dishes out the cookies and chicken.

"and I have arthritis ..."


8 thoughts on “23 years + 20ish pounds”

  1. Fingers and ankles do not swell for no reason. There IS a reason. Ande is right. Go to your doctor and find out why.

  2. My feet, legs and fingers swell sometimes too. Usually when it’s hot or when I am sitting too long. It takes days for it to go down and then I feel like a spring chick again. I am only 39 and I have no health issues. I would love for it to stop so if you find out anything, I’d like to know too! Too bad you lost your ring 😦

  3. That’s too bad around your ring. I’m sure the jewellers can figure something out for you. I find I get a little swollen and bloated in the heat, but joints are something that you probably don’t want to mess around with. I suppose if it’s still happening after you change things up a bit, it wouldn’t hurt to see the doctor to see what’s up.

  4. Still better to go get swelling checked. Sometimes it’s just edema, but it can point to other serious issues. Go to Doc any way. Just. Do. It. 😀 LOVE that daycare commercial, I just saw it yesterday. BRILLIANT, haha

  5. Definitely go to the dr. and get checked out. I also had to have my rings resized. In 1974, when I got my ring,I weighed 104 and when I had the rings resized, I weighed 147. I have since lost weight again but I had the same situation as you. It might possibly be that the tightness of the rings caused the finger to swell up (that was my situation) but if you don’t notice a difference in a day or two, make an appointment. When you gain any weight, it goes everywhere (unfortunately)! Hope you, the big fella and the poopers are all doing well. Your Filofaxer – you!!! LOL We are doomed! Ack, my mouse won’t scroll!

  6. thanks, everyone, for your concern. I think Pat nailed it – gained some weight, ring was tight, and because I couldn’t get it off, it made my finger swell up even more. It’s much better today. Really, I’m fine. Healthy as a horse. And eat like one, too! 😉

  7. Are we twins separated at birth? LOL I love the pic of Ava’s nose! Mouse (Bluetooth Mac wireless mouse) – is now scrolling well. Used a Q-tip with alcohol on the end and cleaned the scrolling button on top. Same as button on BlackBerry Curve (geriatric)! Phone – not me! LOL

  8. My hands and ankles will swell in the heat on walks. The swinging movement causes it. I’ve been known to hold my arms in the surrender position while walking. I am 59 and have had swelling while walking in heat since my 20’s… No heart issues, no health problems.

    Windex takes off stuck rings better than anything I know. It has a strange viscosity that causes slippage. I had my gold band stretched once. I’m sorry about your ring, but I understand the panic. Size 4.5 is pretty darn small.

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