it’s not easy being green

I came across an interesting “recipe” when I was browsing TasteSpotting the other day – for a spinach smoothie (or it might have been FoodGawker).  Ugh, gross, right?

well, that looks ... uh ... appetizing?

I used one big banana, about the same volume of frozen peaches, two handfuls of spinach leaves, and enough water to get it blending, then a bit more water to smooth it into a drinkable consistency.

Shrek smoothie
not bad!

The ‘recipe’ says you can use any dark leafy green (i.e. kale) but that spinach was the least noticeable, taste wise.  I have to say that seems true.  I tasted the banana more than anything, and that was because it wasn’t quite ripe.  I emailed Ande a photo and I’m sure she almost fell off her chair.  This from me, the person who can live on toast and peanut butter, milk, cereal and chocolate.  Heh.


4 thoughts on “it’s not easy being green”

  1. Looks and sounds yummy to me! You usually don’t really taste the “green” indgredients in a fruit smoothie. Will try with peaches today!

  2. I actually love the color of the green. It is about the same color I painted my laundry room. (But what the heck …. I got full gallon of “mistake” paint at Lowe’s for $5.) I just had to do it. Now aren’t you going to be the healthy one. I say that after just polishing off a Snickers Sonic Blast. I think I will turn over a new leaf and start having “healthy” smoothies instead ….. tomorrow.

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