three swings and a miss

While there hasn’t been a lot of knitting, baking and cooking around here lately, in the past few days I have managed to try some new recipes.

On Saturday I made this Mushroom Barley Risotto:

ZOMG - soooo good!

This is the first risotto I’ve ever made.  It turned out so good, I will definitely make this again.  I had a small bowlful, and the rest … well, the rest the big fella devoured.  I had to use about 5 cups of broth to get to barley cooked long enough to be tender.  The photo does not do it justice.

Tonight I made these smoked paprika pan-roasted potatoes.

crispy and smokey

These again were pretty easy and very tasty.  And I will make them again.  The baby potatoes are so tender and delicious.  Two home runs.

And the miss – I wanted to try a recipe in the Flour bakery cook book for the “intense chocolate brownies”. If you go to this blog,there is the recipe and a couple of photos. I didn’t take any pics.  As with all of the “Flour” recipes, they’re more involved and have a bit of a different mixing method.  These did bake up wonderfully, took 30 mins in my oven.  They’re tasty and moist and chocolately, they’re just not as chocolately as that other recipe I have been using.  It wasn’t a bad recipe/brownie, just not as chocolately as I expected.

but did you make us anything?

get my good side!

he looked so funny, just zoning out!


blowing raspberries?

I have put in some work on some socks and if I remember, I will try to get a photo during daylight to show the really nice colourway.  I like it a lot.


6 thoughts on “three swings and a miss”

  1. You cooked three times in the same blog entry? Zowie! I can’t remember cooking three things in the same week all summer. You just shot up to #1 on my hero list!

  2. Risotto is awesome, and once you get the mechanics, you can make pretty much any flavour. 🙂 My standard risotto is mushroom and onion softened in oil from oil-packed sundried tomatoes, 1.5 c basmati rice to 5 c vegetable broth, imitation crab meat and frozen peas added with the second-last ladle of broth, sundried tomatoes, a little more oil, and any spices (dill, paprika, pepper) with the last ladle of broth, then cheese (havarti or cheddar or some of both) to finish it all off. Yummm…

  3. Please send any defective baking, especially those defective brownies, over to my house and we will dispose of them in an environmentally safe way. And quit abusing that poor little dog. She obviously was trying to call for help….dog translation: “Please send help…. the servants here are very neglectful…. they hardly give us any cookies…..they don’t provide 24/7 worshipping service….sometimes they leave us alone to go this “work” place…….send help soon!” And Apollo looks as handsome as ever.

    1. yeah, that’s it – a call for help! 😉 “help me get more cookies” Oh, and Bill disposed of the rest of the brownies, he made the sacrifice.

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