Ava the Complainer

She is so funny – she’ll be out on the couch and I’ll be back in my office and I’ll hear her moaning and groaning about something.

these actually tasted better today!

(but they’re still not “intensely” chocolate)

Trekking XXL #450
here's those socks

The photo shows the colour a lot lighter than it is.  The colours are darker and richer in hue.

Trekking XXL #450
Trekking XXL #450

The colours are charcoal, navy, dark purple and a really dark greenish.


7 thoughts on “Ava the Complainer”

  1. Oh, bless, what a sweetie! She sounds very much like my stripey boy; must be greyhound-voice. I got video of him ‘singing’ to my other half at the weekend; I must try and post it!

  2. She kind of sounds like she is winding up for a good roo. And since you are back in your office, she may be doing that. Have you tried starting them off?

    I go back in my office and they will start in. A cacophany of hounds (3 greys and a beagle mix) singing to get me to come back and play with them.

    1. I have gotten a little roo out of her. I can’t wait for our greyhound picnic in September – we always have a good roo and I’m sure Ava will be right in there.

  3. Our boxer used to do that (we swore that he would talk properly at some point). Thinking that perhaps she wanted a cuddle – maybe bored and lonely! Oh to be a dog psychiatrist!

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