How did I live without one of these?!

For an OCD-type like myself, why haven’t I bought a label maker before now?!

trying it out

I had a reward dividend to use at Staples and I had been contemplating a label maker for some time.  This is the Brother PT-1090 and what I like about it is that you can use different sizes of tape (and different colours!).

Guess who got a label maker?
have to figure out the margin setting, though

It has some fancy templates and cool options which I will play with once I get some work done today.

doesn't stick
the labels don't stick to greyhound fur that well, though.


6 thoughts on “How did I live without one of these?!”

  1. Oh no! When I got mine, I lay in bed at night thinking of things that ‘needed’ labels. After all was labeled, I lay in bed at night wondering if the labels were on straight and centered.

    Yes, I even made a label for the clear plastic box that I bought to hold the label maker…

    I’m looking for a 12 step program for label makers…

  2. I love my label maker too. AND I stuck warnings on things like the microwave for people who don’t cover their food and leave messes. A bit passive-aggressive, I know, but it worked!

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