rotten bananas are great

I had some bananas that I was nursing along to the right stage of over-ripeness so that I could use them for my favourite banana bread recipe.  In between doing some work, some house chores and trying to enjoy my Sunday, I whipped up a batch.   Yum.

I had enough for the banana bread and used two of the less rotten ones for another green smoothie:


ready for blending

I used kale this time instead of spinach.  Two bananas, about same volume of frozen peaches, two handfuls of (de-spined) kale and enough water to blend and make it a drinkable consistency.



The big fella even had a taste.  It had an interesting texture – and I mean interesting in a good way!


oh, the humanity!

Yesterday afternoon the poopers had to wait the long 70 minutes for their blankies to be washed and dried.


sweater yarn!

I got some Cascade 220 Superwash sent up from Webs.  I am going to make cute little cardigans for our friends’ twins.  When I saw the Tiny Tea Leaves pattern, I wanted to try it.  It’s top down and seamless.  The colours are more of a raspberry and a limey apple green.  I cast on the pink one the other night and have been working on the yoke.  It’s quite an interesting pattern.


One response

  1. This sounds like a great smoothie to me! and the yarn looks good, the cardies will probabely be adorable! Poor poopers that had to go such a long time without blankies… in august. Guess what? I have to cover our little one (the rat terrier) during the night with one layer or a fleece blanket or she won’t sleep through the night because she has to go peeing as we have the bedroom window open and there can be some breeze… Glad I found this out though!

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