save me

from the thunder, mommy:

make it go away!
make it go away!

Hmm, neither of us is looking very svelte there!  We have had thunderstorms for the past two nights but Ava can “feel” them coming before they hit.  Poor wee girlie!


9 thoughts on “save me”

  1. Poor, sweet, scared Ava. Hold her as tightly as you can. Hope the thunder has stopped. Right now, it is pouring rain, again! It has been pretty much of a non-summer here. Some good days and some rotten ones – far too much rain! Hope the winter won’t be like the summer.

  2. Awww! Where’s Ava cute thundershirt? But I think she is even better of with Mom on the sofa… Is it just the picture or does she look as if she has been eating too much chicken lately ? That’s seems like quite some tummy for a hound

    1. It really is a bad angle. She is much stockier than Sabrina, and Sabrina was much higher in the tuck than Ava. But this photo makes her look thicker in the waist than she is!

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