and it’s Sunday again

still busy, still lamenting my lack of knitting time.  😦

But – I did make some progress on the cute little sweater I started:

the colour is a deeper raspberry than it shows here

I’ve had a really hard time trying to get a photo of the colour true-to-life.  It’s really pretty!  (Also, note my wedding ring is back – sized up a little and all fixed again!  And I can now put it on/take it off easily.  The goldsmith also made the bottom of the band wider and it’s more comfortable to wear.)

The pattern is the Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan – it’s a top down design and you can make the sleeves 3/4 length as the pattern calls for, or shorter, or longer – as I will be.

the yoke detail

By using smaller needles and alternating rows of Kfb/k2tog variations, the yoke has a smocked texture to it.  Now that I’m done the yoke and the sleeve stitches are on hold, it’s just straight stocking stitch down to the bottom hem.  Good mindless knitting.  The pattern calls for two stitches to be increased about 1″ under the underarm on either side, but I didn’t see the point to that, so ignored that!

I make that mushroom barley risotto again – and it turned out fabulously delicious again!  I also mixed up (Thursday night) and baked off (Friday night) another batch of the New York Times chocolate chip cookies.  Such a good recipe!  I find I got the best results yet.  I baked only one tray at a time (~15 minutes for 1.5 oz dough balls) and kept the dough in the fridge in between batches so it didn’t get too warm.  I’m thinking next time I will experiment with mixing the dough, forming it into balls, then flash freezing them on cookie sheets.  Then I will store in zippy bags and can take out as many/few as I feel like baking off.  Fresh, warm-from-the-oven cookies within minutes!  I need to research/experiment with cooking times from frozen, though.

But for now, I have to get my laundry done. 😦


2 thoughts on “and it’s Sunday again”

  1. Hi Terri, just a moment to tell you that we went to see the RCMP Musical Ride for the first time. How lucky can you get – it was just down the street! Went into the barns last night and tonight! Amazing show and such beautiful horses. I haven’t ridden since I was 14 LOL! I am sure you have seen it a number of times but tell the “big fella” that it was amazing and the licks and nuzzles were worth their weight in gold. Next job, get my filo in better order! Have a great week and hugs to the Poopers!

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