so tired

This week has been absolutely crazy.  I’d say I was looking forward to the weekend, but I’ll probably have to put some time in for work on Saturday and/or Sunday.  I’m having a little bit of a shake up with my work contracts.  More on that later.  We had our (contract #1) board meeting on Wednesday.  Usually we have them on a Friday, or more recently, Mondays.  Having it mid-week has really messed me up for my other contract, as I didn’t have the weekend on either end to work on the other stuff.

"but ... but you'll still have time to give me cookies?"

We had the poopers up to see Dr. Anne at the vet’s this morning.  Ava’s had this weird lump thing on her head by her ear.  It’s a histiocytoma which is basically a benign tumour that usually goes away on its own after a month or two.  If it doesn’t they recommend removing it so the dog doesn’t paw at it and rupture it.  Her teeth haven’t been good and her gums are quite red, so we’re going to take her in for a dental next week and they’ll do the lump removal while she’s knocked out.

They checked Apollo out, too, as he’s been so licky lately.  He’s been licking his left knee specifically.  I’d been giving him Meloxicam every second or third day to help with his limping.  Dr. Anne thought it was more likely his hips that were bothersome than his knee.  She compared the two, did the range of motion test and his left was as good as his right.  I know the big fella and I were both in the back of our minds afraid it was cancer, so it was a relief that it wasn’t – just getting old and arthritis.  He also does a little bit of compulsive licking – I’m told this is fairly common in senior greyhounds.  It’s like he can’t reach back to lick at his hip, so he licks at his knee.  Or his arm.  Or the dog bed.

I asked her about him being so jumpy and sensitive to sound now.  In the past few months we’ve noticed that when he’s asleep or drowsy, if there’s the slightest hard noise (like a click or snap or thwack), no matter how soft or loud in volume, he jumps up very startled.  A few times he’s yelped out because he’s obviously hurt his hip/knee while jumping up.  The vet had noticed that he’s losing a bit of his visual acuity and speculated that because he’s losing some of his sight that he’s more sensitive to sound to combat the vulnerability he’s feeling.  Poor old fella!  So we just reassure him and get him to settle back down.

He’s very healthy, otherwise, just aging.  He is always game for a walk or a car ride and continues to be very sweet-natured.


3 thoughts on “so tired”

  1. Ah, you may have helped answer a question I’ve had about my Frankie. He only has one eye and his other eye has some vision impairment and he is extremly jumpy when he tries to sleep.

    My old girl (15 this year!) is losing her hearing which really just means she spends a lot of time with her ears stright up. Which is adorable really. 🙂

    The oldies. I love ’em but it is bittersweet time with them for sure!

  2. We wish Ava the best of luck during her surgery. It’s tough watching them get older. Lilac is almost sixteen now, and her body is really showing it. I just want to wrap her in bubble wrap and protect her from the world.

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