And then I woke up

in a strange place, wondering what had happened …

drooling towel strategically placed

We took Ava to the vet’s at 8 this morning where she had a dental and they removed the lump on her ear.  (It was called a histiocytoma which is not uncommon in greyhounds.  It’s cell structure classifies it as a tumour, but it is benign.  If it doesn’t go away on its own after a couple of months, it’s recommended that it be removed so the dog doesn’t rupture it by pawing at it.)

We got the call to go pick her up any time after 3:30.  She was pretty bleary eyed and wobbly.  We steered her out to the van, I lifted her in, we drove home and I carried her in the house.  She is zonked on the dog beds completely out of it.  She has a little shaved patch around her ear but no stitches.  I can’t quite figure out if they burned the cut closed or what?  Or, maybe it wasn’t that big an incision?  I’ll have to have a better look at it.  She’s doing fine now, just very sleepy.  Poor girl.

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