the convalescent hound

Ava’s feeling better today.  She was pretty groggy for the rest of the evening last night, although I did help her stagger down the stairs to the yard and she had a pee.  She ate some chicken and a little kibble late last night, but didn’t drink any water.

that was SOME party!

This morning she was slow to wake up, her eyes were still watery and bleary.  She was a little wobbly going down the deck stairs but shook it off once she got down there.  Dr. Anne called first thing this morning and asked how Ava was doing.  When we picked her up, I didn’t get a chance to ask about what anaesthetic they used on her; I was assuming they gassed her like they had done Sabrina and Apollo in December as there was no shaved area on her arm where they would have injected the other stuff.  They did gas her and she did just fine.

I also asked about her lump wound.  Dr. Anne  explained that after they cut it out/off, they stitched it, buried the stitches inside, then cauterized the area, then put tissue glue on it to keep the edges together.  That way the stitches wouldn’t get snagged if she pawed at her ear, and also with the facial muscles, it needed a little more to keep it together.

and no ugly scar!

They also shaved that area and it’s weird to see her pink skin underneath!

Last night they were both on the dog beds on the floor in the living room and Apollo stayed close to his sister.  And he only accidentally kicked her once in the head when he was asleep.  When we took Ava in yesterday morning, we also brought Apollo because just since they were at the vet’s last week he had a weird lump come up on his gum.  They said it was a hyperplasia-something and that we should just keep an eye on it for now.  They can surgically remove it, but with his age we don’t want to rush to that.  It’s a growth, but is rarely cancerous, so we’ll see what happens with it for now.  He’s turning into a lumpy old man!

Tiny Tea Leaves #1

I finished the body on the little cardigan and set it aside as I was waiting for a sleeve measurement.  In the mean time, I started Cardi #2 using the green yarn and am well into the yoke.  This morning I was given a sweater and a jacket from the intended recipients and took some measurements.  I came to the decision that it might be a little small.  Well, it would fit now, but likely not much longer.  I did a few  measurements, then checked the gauge again.  I am going to rip out the pink one, back to just before the splitting of stitches for the sleeves.  The stitch counts on the pattern are identical between the two sizes up to that point.  Then the sweaters will have some growing room for the girls.

what?!? you're going to rip it out?

It won’t be a problem – the yoke is where you have to pay attention.  The body after the underarm point is just mindless stocking stitch, so easy peasy.


2 thoughts on “the convalescent hound”

  1. In the photos at least, you can barely tell now where she had the lump removed, so it probably won’t show at all when the hair grows in.

    Special scritches to her and Apollo.

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