Juice update – kale fail?

So I did the “pizza juice” but I think I did a kale overkill. The photo on the recipe is a lovely dark orange colour. This was a sludgy olive drab green. And I can’t say it tasted better than it looked.

pizza juice? Maybe for Shrek.

The recipe called for “one bunch of kale”.  Well, when I bought groceries, the store labelled one bundle of kale as a “bunch”.  So I used about half of the entire bundle.  Maybe I should only have used one “twig” of kale.  Because this was kind of gross.  The tomatoes and peppers were nice, and the garlic added a nice little bite to it, the onion was a bit strong, but I think if you used sweet yellow onions it would be better.  And also, Superstore only had Thai Basil (which was pretty peppery).  The kale was overpowering; I drank most of it, but then started feeling nauseous.  It could also be the hot flashes.  Lately they make me nauseous, too.

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2 thoughts on “Juice update – kale fail?”

  1. How about if I send you my recipe for lentil and kale soup. I think that is a much better way to have your kale and not be sick. And since cooler weather is just around the corner for you northerners, a pot of soup on the stove makes for a very comfy home.

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