The past couple of weeks I’ve been enjoying my green smoothies as either a breakfast or lunch meal.  (We won’t talk about the raspberry-turning-brown smoothie…)

greeny goodness

They are so simple, but so tasty:  2 bananas, about the same volume of frozen peaches, then as much fresh spinach as you can stuff into the blending cup (a good two handfuls). I pour a little water on top to aid in blending.  You could use mango or whatever orange frozen fruit you’d like.  The frozen fruit adds cold and texture to the smoothie.  If you were using fresh fruit, you’d probably want to add some ice to it.  I had tried this with kale and it gave it an interesting texture, but I prefer the spinach for its lack of strong taste.  All I taste is the bananas and peaches.

Now, a few months ago my dear, dear Ande embarked on a juice fast.  She lost over 10 pounds in a week and said she felt better – energized and less crappy.  It was so inspiring!  I had been thinking about doing something similar, but I know myself.  I don’t do self-deprivation well.  I wouldn’t stick with a five-day juice fast.  You are not actually fasting, you are just replacing your meals and snacks with juiced drinks.  You are getting full nutrients, just in a liquid form.   Or course it’s not a long term thing to juice every meal.  You still need proteins and fats to be healthy.  But I was ready to investigate this as an option to losing some weight and feeling better about myself.

grocery shopping

I have been reading a few different juicing sites/recipes online and have gathered some cool recipes to try.  One tip I read – don’t buy/juice a fruit/veg that you don’t like the taste of.  If you don’t like eating it, you won’t like juicing it.  Makes sense!

the machine

We picked up this juice extractor (different from a juicer as I had to repeatedly tell the big fella.  He was telling me Sears had a Breville juice extractor for $115.  Umm, no.  A Breville juice extractor is like the Cadillac; more like $350 – the juicer was just that, a juicer) at Sears for $110.  It’s a big behemoth, but has 9 speed settings and is easy to clean. (Edit – actually, there is a juice extractor at Sears for $115.  I was confused with there and Canadian Tire and the much less expensive citrus juicers.)

prep for supper

Although I had printed off a quantity of recipes, I couldn’t really decide what I wanted to try, so I just grabbed a bunch of stuff and juiced it.  I used 1 red, 1 green pepper; two carrots; a kiwi (fuzzy skin on), half of the pineapple (cored and skin removed), a lemon (peeled) and a Granny Smith apple (cut in two).

supper's served!

This tasted really good!  I could pick out individual flavours – pineapple, lemon, pepper.  It filled the little plastic juice jug that came with the juice extractor (which I later found out was 1 litre!).  I drank it all and was completely full and sated.  I wasn’t hungry at all for the rest of the night.  I drank this about 5 or 5:30 and went to bed about 11:30 and was not hungry.

green breakfast

When I got up this morning, after I had my usual cup of hot water, I actually sort of craved my green smoothie.  As I said, I can’t imagine myself doing  a strict juice fast, but I can see myself enjoying a couple of juices instead of meals during the day.  I won’t give up my chocolate or milk for anything.  If this lets me eat healthier and take a little better care of myself, I’m going to give it my best effort.  I know any weight loss results won’t be as immediate or drastic as they would be from a juice fast, but I’ll slowly pick away at it.

Ava Zombie

That was on my small p&s camera memory card from Wednesday night.  Completely whacked out post-surgery.  She was asleep but I guess to zonked out to actually close her eyelids.  Creeeepy.

spooky Apollo

Same little camera and I have no idea what setting it was on for this freaky result.

I’m going to try pizza juice for supper tonight!


3 thoughts on “Juiced”

    1. Lori, oh yes, that is a juice extractor. But what the big fella was looking at was a juicer – like an orange juicer that just mushes the flesh of the orange or whatever. Juice extractors (like you have linked) pulverize everything and squeeze the juice out by centrifugal force and separate the pulp/flesh from the juice. Actually, I the one he was looking at at Sears is like the one you linked and is indeed an extractor. When we were at Cdn Tire he glommed onto the cheapest thing, which was -only- a juicer, not an extractor. You know, like you hold half an orange on it and it spins around and squeezes the juice out? More like this: http://www.sears.ca/product/cuisinart-brushed-stainless-steel-citrus-juicer/611-000037937-CCJ-100C (If you knew the big fella IRL, you’d understand how confused he can make me …._

  1. aww… those sweet pup faces! being partial to dachshunds, greyhound faces especially look sweet to me – they are so similar to the dachshund face. 🙂

    LOVE your juices – beautiful and they sound tasty too! you’ll have to let me know if you liked the “pizza juice”…

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