new lens

I got a new camera lens today as an early birthday present.  This is a standard/prime lens (in that it doesn’t zoom, it has a fixed focal length).  It is the Canon 50 mm f/1.4.  Because the aperture can be opened up so much (1.4) you can have a very shallow depth of field.  This means that your background will be nicely fuzzed out (or bokeh).

see how front edge of pencil case is focused but the rest is not

The wide open lens also means you can shoot with less light and not need to use the flash.

very shallow depth of field FTW!

Ava’s nose:

is in focus, but the rest of her is not.

This type of lens is also sometimes called a “portrait” lens.  It is a 50 mm (digital) which corresponds to the old-school/35 mm film focal length of about 80 mm.

someone had a bath!

Mr. Handsome was feeling a little grubby, so we took him out on the deck yesterday and gave him a good bath.  We were going to take him up to our Pet Planet store because they have a washing room there, a counter-height steel bathing tub, etc. but we decided not to because it would be uncomfortable for him on the slippery stainless steel, even with his rubber bathmat, etc.  It has been stinking, ridiculously hot here lately and yesterday was no exception.  Our deck is covered and we have bamboo shades between us and the neighbours-from-hell so it was nicely warm out there, shaded and quite comfy for his bath.  We had buckets of lukewarm water, so we rinsed him really well and he’s squeaky clean!

post-bath mohawk!

So he’s all pretty for the greyhound picnic this weekend!


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