Apollo the Tenor

We spent all day at the greyhound picnic; beautiful (almost too hot) day for it and a good time was had by all.  At one point, they have a ceremony for all the hounds that have passed on since the last picnic.  They ring some beautiful chimes, they read a poem and then read the roll call of all the hounds that have been lost by their loved ones.  It was a long list.  Then they have a roo in honour of them all.  This year, I think Apollo found his voice to honour our Sabrina:

Finally, after attending four picnics with us (and one before we officially adopted him) Apollo finds his voice during the group roo. Previous years’ attempts were air-floofing his lips, deadpan stare, rooing in his sleep back at the hotel room later, and a whine. This year he hit the jackpot. You have to filter out the little black girlhound barking to the left of the screen.


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