Club Meeting

I had planned on doing a more detailed blog post about the greyhound picnic, but we found out yesterday that Ava and Apollo’s greyhound friends were going to be in town this aft, so they came by for a lovely visit!

Everyone here? Let's begin.

About an hour later:

no motion(s) from the floor

Elsa (aka Fresh Enthusiasm)

She and Apollo are a month apart in age.

Apollo, Chair of the Handsome Committee


Ruby, aka Cal's Ruby


always has to be one in the crowd!

(Bucking the trend)


I set my dslr to sports mode and clicked away.Β  I didn’t have my long lens on, so these aren’t as close up as other outdoor “action” shots I’ve taken.

Ava wound it up and let it loose!

And Mr. “I have arfritis in my hip and shoulder” running amok with his bitches.

look, Ma, no paws (touching the ground)

(Both Ava and Apollo are zonked out in the living room now.)

There are more (113 in total) photos on the flickr set.

And now back to my regularly scheduled WORK.

ETA:Β  one of my fave pics of the batch:

Apollo "look what I can do!" ... Elsa "run, you fat bastard, run!"


7 thoughts on “Club Meeting”

  1. Love it. I really love seeing Apollo show off for the ladies. If he is like my old boy was, he may be a little stiff today. We used to have to give him a little extra metacam on the days after a play session. A couple of baby aspirin work too if Apollo isn’t on anything yet.

    Love our oldies!

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