Little Bit and the big mountains

We made tracks today on our usual route to the Coast.  We again stopped in Glacier National Park (my favourite national park, next to Pacific Rim) and had a break from driving, went for a little walk.   It has been ridiculously hot and gross.  It was so windy yesterday driving through Sask and Alberta that the bra on the front of the van got blown off a couple of times.  Ick.  It was still really hot but at least in the mountains the breeze was cooling.

there is snow up there!

We both found it a little poignant as this stop reminded us of our Sabrina.  Last year (a week later, Oct 1) we did the same thing.  It was Sabrina’s last trip.

Glacier National Park
awww, Biner.

this year:

shorts weather!

We have our Little Bit Ava along for the ride.  She’s been travelling really well now.  Apollo, of course, is an old hand.

We took some photos, I asked the big fella to take a couple of me with the dogs.  I said “close up” again … and again I have to crop them down to see who is actually in the photo.  What is it with him?!

first this way

– then –

the other

What a gong show.

okay, everyone, look at the camera!


Ava cottons on to the fact that she's hit the jackpot. How many other greyhounds get a vacation out to the ocean?

That’s inside the hound hauler – my minivan that I love!


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