This is where my slippers are parked for eight nights. Looking out on the Pacific Ocean – nothing past that but Japan!

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5 thoughts on “Parked”

  1. It looks lovely and my first thought was ‘Are Ava and Apollo allowed to take advantage of that lovely place to run about in?’. If so, it must really be perfect.

    The view could only be improved by frolicking long dogs.

  2. that crappy BlackBerry pic doesn’t do the view justice. Our second floor balcony gives us a much better view than is portrayed here. We have the door open and can hear the surf roaring in. Beautiful!

    We do not let the poopers run loose on the beach. Our adoption agreement prohibits letting them run loose in an unsecured area. As well, there are many other dogs running loose and I don’t know/trust them/their temperament. Safer and happier for everyone if we keep them on the leash.

    Ava was quite impressed with the ocean last evening when we checked in and I walked them on the beach while the big fella unloaded all our gear from the van. And Apollo pranced around on the soft sand as if to say, “hey, I remember this!”.

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