This is what we’re here for:

Nothing like a Pacific sunset:

beautiful beyond words

We had a glorious day here – we took a long, leisurely walk on “our” beach this morning, then later around lunch time went to look at the high tide.

there was a lot of this

and for us, that never gets old.  I’m sure if I look in my photos from our stay last year, I’ll have a hundred or so identical shots.

ol' Apollo was pooped from walking the boardwalk and stairs to get to Sunset Point
fun with shadows

I forgot to mention how Ava handled her first ferry ride on Sunday:

I couldn't knit because she commandeered my knitting bag as a pillow

Yeah, I needn’t have worried.  She wasn’t bothered at all by the (minimal) noise.  We crossed on one of the new ferries, the Coastal Renaissance.  We were right at the front of the vessel on the top vehicle deck and it was very quiet.  Windy as hell, but very engine-noise quiet.

more of this


hounds are roughing it, sniffing the ocean breeze

Yesterday we didn’t go all the way to the end of the beach and park boundary, but this morning we did.

typical gong show with these two

My friend Judy has a good expression for this sort of thing, “like pushing wet spaghetti”

Apollooooo, loooook at the camera!1!!1!!


long dogs, but not on Long Beach; this is Cox Bay


and one last look before the sun dipped below the clouds

We spent the afternoon in Tofino; the highlight was my annual visit to Knits by the Sea.  Ellie has such great stock; I bought all local/BC yarns except for a couple of skeins of Malabrigo – one sock yarn and one worsted.  Last year I feasted on local yarns as well.

For knitting I brought along the two Tiny Tea Leaves cardigans, my current socks in progress and two lonely balls of Regia sock yarn in case I ran out.  However, after my visit to Ellie’s today, I want to toss all that aside and start a pair of socks for me in one of the delicious yarns I bought.  And why not?  It’s my vacation!  However, I don’t have my swift with me …

think I'd have any takers?


4 thoughts on “This is what we’re here for:”

  1. I’ve often wondered if Tigger would lie with his legs in the air long enough for me to wind a skein, I haven’t got a swift.

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