What could have their rapt attention?

As we are travelling, I’m sure the hounds were worried about their daily poultry consumption being curtailed.

Dude! Where's our chicken?!

At home every supper time they get a handful of roast chicken meat on their kibble.

we can smell it ...

but …

we can't see it

wait … is that …


I think it might be ...

woot! Chicken is in the building!

see? the male human is providing chicken!

Luckily both the Co-op grocery stores in the area have dizzy (rotisserie) chicken available, so the poor hounds won’t starve or be too neglected.

I didn’t bring my juicer along and I’ve been trying to eat somewhat responsibly.  But we still had to have chips at the chip wagon in Tofino (Big Daddy’s Fish Fry).  I did bring my stick blender and picked up bananas, spinach and frozen peaches:

It just tastes better while looking at the ocean!

Today we’re doing some laundry and not doing too much else.  The weather forecast keeps threatening rain, but other than the deluge during our drive here, we haven’t had any.


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