Last Chance Sunset

Yesterday we made a point of heading out on the beach to partake of the sunset.  The weather forecast was calling for rain starting today/tonight, but we were somewhat doubtful.  It had been saying that since we got here.

waiting for the sun to drop

This is on the beach right out front of our suite.  The resort sits on Cox Bay and is so scenic!

man and hounds, silhouette

Earlier in the day it was mostly cloudy, but we headed out to Long Beach.  This is the first time in any of our trips that the beach was such a mess!  The big storm they had on Monday threw great blobs of bull kelp all the way up to the high tide line.

down closer to the water
Apollo's nose always faces into the wind

requisite family photo

I found an obliging piece of tree/driftwood to serve as a tripod as I didn’t bring mine.

the money shot

We currently are under both a wind and heavy rainfall warning here.  It held off raining until we got back this afternoon about 5:30 but it’s been coming down pretty good since then.  We are toasty warm here in our suite – we have a gas fireplace!


One thought on “Last Chance Sunset”

  1. Gorgeous beach/sunset photos and a lovely family photo. I hope everyone enjoyed the vacay! When it is time to leave, drive safely and arrive home safely. Saw someone with 3 greys on Saturday in town when driving back home (1 3-minute commute!). They looked really nice. Did you get a chance to see Ande? Take care.

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