so how’s that juicing going?

Not so much. Yesterday when we arrived in the city, I had time to run up to our room after we checked in to wash my hands, brush my teeth and put lippy on, then run back down to be picked up (and chauffeured about the city in a gorgeous Lincoln) by Ande.

We hadn’t eaten since breakfast, so after we hit up a couple of shops (and I bought my fab Fluevog boots), we hit up Japadog!

2 "love meat" combos

We walked in and I was reading the menu to narrow down what this picky eater could order.  You could choose a beef hot dog, and of course add on all sorts of bizarre options.  While the name is sort of … odd … this was really tasty!  It was a beef dog covered with a pork/beef meat sauce, cheese and grilled.  You had your choice of six seasoning options for the fries and they shake them in the little brown paper bag.  Very cute!

Japadog noms!

It tasted really, really good!  We both left a bit of our lunch behind because we spotted a cream puff stall up the block.  Hey, we had to keep our shopping strength up!

it's not a Terri & Ande day if we don't have at least one photo of us looking like a couple of dorksticks!

The sharp-eyed among you may have noticed that fabulous shawl I have around my neck:

Super Spiral Shawl
Happy birthday to ME!

Ande made me this gorgeous shawl for my birthday!  It’s the Super Spiral Shawl from Meg Swansen’s “Gathering of Lace”.  Ande used a lace weight yarn and she’s told me what it was, but I keep forgetting.  It’s FABULOUS!  She’s the best friend, EVAH!

oh, look - it's chocolate!

We hit up a few shops on Robson and downtown, then went to the Gourmet Warehouse.  I bought a few gadgety type things, but got lost in the chocolate aisle.  These are all Ecuadorian chocolates, which has been my chocolate of choice lately.  They are all very tasty but have subtle flavour differences.

We also walked around Commercial Drive and checked out some shops.  I also got an “I (heart) East Van” t shirt as part of my bd gift!  To top off the gorging, we met Ande’s husband Jim for supper later at the Memphis Blues BBQ House for our traditional gathering and consuming of the Memphis Feast.  Yum, indeed!

So today, the big fella, the dogs and I did a fair bit of walking.  We went out for our morning walk around the hotel ‘hood, we went out in Kitsilano early afternoon, then walked along Beach Avenue and enjoyed the lovely sunshine that came out after lunch.

enjoying the sunshine
spot the tourist!

We headed home and fed the pups then watched the sun set.  Our balcony has a great view of English Bay.

our view
beautiful sky

Weather is supposed to be dry tomorrow, so we’ll probably check out Stanley Park.



3 thoughts on “so how’s that juicing going?”

    1. I don’t really ever “crave” hot dogs. In fact, I only eat them once a year – at the greyhound picnic in September! But these Japadogs looked and smelled fantastic. And I liked that I could choose the “beef” dog.

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