Alpacas, horses and yarn

I haven’t had a chance to post a couple of pics from our visit with our friends in Coombs.  When we came back over the hump from the Pacific Rim, we stayed two nights in Coombs and had some wonderful visits with our friends.  Since we saw them last year, they acquired a horse!  Dear old Mac the Arabian had passed on a few years ago, and this guy needed a home:

he loves his little coat

His name is Duster and he’s a Quarter Horse. The alpacas are Willie, Alonzo and Jack:

Human! What are you doing over there?! Should we run away?!

They’re pretty funny to watch and Barb says their fleece is really beautiful!

nice stinkeye

On the ferry back to the mainland, I was trying to explain to the big fella why the photos he takes with my camera are usually crap.  Trying to explain the focusing system – press down halfway, notice where the green box is, if it’s not the thing you want it to focus on, redo it.  I don’t think I got through …

the "original" Cupcakes

The Denman “Cupcakes” store is just down the street from our hotel.  Oh my!

four yummy cupcakes

Clockwise from top left:  blue hawaii, red velvet, chocolate, koo koo (coconut)

very good red velvet

Very tasty, but a little overkill on the icing.  It was also very tasty, I just don’t like heaps of icing on my cake/cupcakes.

Apollo the Sighthound

We took a few walks through Stanley Park, taking advantage of the sunny weather.  (The forecast keeps threatening rain …)  In this area, there was a very fat Jack Russell Terrier running amok and it captured Apollo’s most rigorous attention.

poopers were pooping out

Yesterday after our walk and drive through the park, we headed over to 10th Avenue West and I went into Urban Yarns, ostensibly just to buy a pair of short 4 mm straights.  Ha.  Good intentions.  They had a very good selection of Sweet Georgia yarns (which I love) and I found a new-to-me Vancouver local yarn, so I had to try it out.  And they had Kauni Effektgarn.  How could I leave without some?  Oh, and three balls of Zauberball sock yarn.  Such great colours and so very soft.

very nice yarn!
Zauberball 1608, 2079, 1564


Kauni "EOC", Sweet Georgia Cashluxe Fine in "rusted" and "saltwater", Gourmet Crafter Gourmet Sock Yarn in "Berry Picking"

And here’s the S4 scarf I’ve not been working on very much.  I had this lovely Sweet Georgia “Tough Love” sock yarn in snapdragon that I wanted to use for -something-.  I decided to make a simple Stocking Stitch Sock yarn Scarf (hence the S4).  I cast on 44 stitches on 4 mm needles, did 4 rows of garter stitch at the beginning and am just working stocking stitch until the yarn is almost all gone, where I will do 4  more rows of garter stitch and cast off.  I’m taking advantage of stocking stitches’ natural and usually annoying tendency to curl in upon itself.

curly and cooshy and soft!

Today we headed out to look at Queen Elizabeth park.  When Jim and Ande got married, we had the wedding supper at the restaurant in the park and I was struck at how beautiful the park was.

Why, yes, I AM a dorkstick with my pants rolled up.

The inseam on these jeans is just a touch too short to wear with my Fabulous Fluevogs, so I rolled ’em up to show them off.

in the park!

In our travels in that part of the city, we swung by Three Bags Full.  They had MORE Kauni, so I got two balls.  Those two are actually the same colourway, just wound in a different sequence.

Kauni "EQ", Sweet Georgia Tough Love sock yarn in Creme Brulee, Stillwater and Dutch

And we had beautiful, sunny October weather all day.  We went for a drive around the sw part of the city, stopped a couple of places to walk near the beaches.  So pretty!


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