wrapping it up

We are T-2 nights from the end of our vacation and what a great one it has been!  We had a flurry of activity during our days in Vancouver culminating with a fantastic supper out with Ande last night.  We headed out to The Keg for a feast.  I tried something new, having my steak cooked “Chicago” style.

According to wiki, “A Chicago-style steak is cooked to the desired level and then quickly charred. The diner orders it by asking for the style followed by the doneness (e.g. “Chicago-style rare”).

I ordered a filet, Chicago med-well.  Normally I like my steak well done  because I like the charred outside.  And I normally don’t order a filet because they hate me for ruining such a lovely steak by having it well done.  So I was adventurous and went the Chicago route.  OMG – it was so delicious!  It was beautifully charred on the outside so I had my crunchy bits, but the inside was slightly pink and so tender.  I could cut up the leftovers for the poopers with a butter knife back at the the hotel.

Finished the meal with crème brûlée – great flavour and brûlée, but the texture was a little thick.  But very tasty!

And of course the best part of the meal:

after a great supper at The Keg
sharing it with my two best friends!

The big fella and I both are in agreement that we are ready and eager to get home.  We had an awesome time.  I’ll have a few more photos and posts to make once we get home.


2 thoughts on “wrapping it up”

  1. I used to go to Vancouver 3 or 4 times a year on business and loved the Keg.

    I’ve been thinking about their steak and roasted garlic mash for days now and am going to try and recreate it at home. You don’t tend to find steak and mash on menus in the UK, the offering is usually chips or jacket potato as a healthier option.

    Oh, and did the poopers get any leftovers?

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