then there’s that …

When we unloaded the van after our vacay, I found some sock yarn I’d forgotten about:

yarn haul
from "The Wool Shop"

That striped OnLine sock yarn has something in it – alpaca or bamboo – that makes it sooo soft.  Will have to examine in more detail when I get around to cataloguing and storing my yarn purchases.  I spent some time yesterday getting my office sorted out and organized but the yarn will have to wait a few days.  I was looking for someplace to stash the yarn and realized I will have to do some culling or reorganizing.  I brought home this yarn above, the yarn I got at Knits by the Sea, Urban Yarns,  and Three Bags Full.  I didn’t get any large amounts, just single skeins, mostly sock yarn.  But I had bought a few sweaters’ worth of yarn during the year (mostly Cascade 220) and while I’d started a sweater for myself, I haven’t done much with it.  I’ll probably rip it out for now.  I’ve decided that I need to focus on some smaller projects and use up some of this beautiful yarn I’ve acquired.  So no more “speculative” yarn purchases for a while!

S4 scarf!

I finished my little scarf on Friday night.  I cast on 44 stitches on 4 mm needles.  It’s very soft and drapey.  I used up almost all of the yarn – I had a small little ball left.  I love how it curls in on itself.  It ended up being 9″ x 64″ (unblocked).


It made me laugh when I realized that the colours in the sock yarn match my crabby pants!  I got those jammy pants on our trip.  I’m crabby in the morning!


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