time for another dress poll

We are probably going to the Remembrance Day/Armistice Day Ball.  I went looking for dresses today.  I brought home two.  I love them both.  I’m likely keeping them both (good sale today!) but I can’t decide which one to wear to the ball.  I managed to get the big fella to take a few photos.  (ugh – that’s another story.  I don’t understand how he can take a point-and-shoot camera and take such shite photos with it!  Even my DSLR gets the best of him.  So bear this in mind for these photos.  Poor lighting, unfocused, etc.  Yes, my hand is clenched in some of them.  Yes, I have grumpy/mean tempered/aggravated expressions on my face.  The camera angle is weird – I asked him to make sure he got the shoes so he had it a some bizarre angle.  Awkward poses/positioning – we have it all!

The shoes – I wanted to have both to compare, but after looking at the first photo, I knew the strappy stiletto will be the best shoe for it.  I didn’t bother to change it for the rest of the pics.

The accessories – a wrap or a long sleeved bolero.

I had to pixelate myself out or you all would have turned to stone!

^Ocelot print, cowl neck, shirred mid-section dress above^

thanks, Spanx!


^little black dress, empire waist, black sequined waist band, pleated bust, shirring^

with the black, gauzy wrap

"when are you taking the damn photo?!"

ocelot with bolero (clenched fist at no extra charge!)

little black dress with bolero

Envision this with hair properly done (I’ll see a professional!), fresh make up, little black satin clutch evening bag and darker hose.  And shoes that are both the same.

– and –


3 thoughts on “time for another dress poll”

  1. I agree with the comment on the nylons.

    And your beloved husband really does have a unique talent for photography ;o)

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