Happy Gotcha Day, Apollo!

Yes, it’s that time of the year again – FOUR years since Mr. Handsome joined our pack.

I will post the obligatory Gotcha Day photo:

"I don't know who you people are, but I think I'll like it here"

I’m sure you’ve all read about Apollo’s journey to become part of our pack.  It took a circuitous route, but he found us in the end!

I will also post the “when we first met” photo:

When Terri Met Apollo
those eyes, that schnozz! How could I say "no"?

So our Big Handsome Boy has been with us four years.  He’s slowed down a lot in the past year.  He’s a little more creaky in his joints, a little more grumpy when he’s startled in his sleep.  He lost his Sabrina in January and that threw him for a loop.  But now he has his little Ava and he’s happy as can be.

he loves sun bathing

and really, happiness is

TWO electric blankets!

upon which to spread one’s McPoundage.  I picked up the purple one the other day because I know Florida Girl Ava will not be happy at all once we get into full winter temps.

In the mail this morning I received an awesome camera lens that I have rented for four days over the weekend.  I got it from Lens Rentals Canada and this beautiful, $1,800 lens is a dream to shoot with.  (The big fella says when I’m done paying off the mortgage with my new contract $$, he will buy me this lens.  Hmmm.)

look at those lashes!

That other photo of Apollo on the blankets was taken with it, too.

So it might snow tomorrow … I guess I won’t be outside taking pics with the lens.  I also won’t however, be working this weekend.  I put in my contract hours by 5 this afternoon, so I’m good until Monday!  Woot!  Might even get some knitting done.


8 thoughts on “Happy Gotcha Day, Apollo!”

  1. Those pics are absolutely beautiful. The rented lense has the most amazing definition. What a beautiful eye! Love and hugs and kisses to the Poopers!

  2. Happy gotcha day a little late. Tell Bill that he shouldn’t wait to buy you that lens. What a great shot of a dog’s eyeball. Too bad Life magazine doesn’t publish anymore; that’d be cover material.

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