never gonna

give you up!  That’s what I was thinking when the time was drawing near for me to get the rental lens back in the mail.  😦  I love that thing!  The big fella had to pry it out of my embrace to take it to the post office at lunch.

I took a few shots over the weekend, yesterday and this a.m.     Suuuuuch a nice lens!

Look!!! Behind you!!!!! It's a SERIAL KILLER!!!

oh, wait ... it's only Daddy

Oh, note for next year – we had 66 kids trick or treating last night.  It wasn’t snowing, so we had 20 more than last year.

Ava made a fort on Apollo's bed last night

The rest of these I took this morning.

focus on the eyes

With the lens wide open, lots of light comes in, so no flash needed.  But very shallow depth of field.

oh, Mr. Handsome!

Twin Sweater #2, natural light

I have both sleeves done on the pink one.

Cascade 220

Here is some of the yarn I brought home from vacay:

Sweet Georgia Cash Fine

These were all taken without flash in my office.



Gourmet Sock

more Sweet Georgia

Malabrigo sock yarn

Malabrigo worsted

I’m thinking of making a cowl with that.  The BEST LENS IN THE WORLD took a great representation of the true colour.

and the West Coast Sunset socks

that I started on our vacation, but have set aside in order to work on those two little sweaters.


Kauni Effekt

– and –

four shades of Cascade 220

When I’m finished the twin sweaters, I want to start a capelet.  I have narrowed it down to two patterns, the Cranberry Capelet and/or Tundra.  I love all those shades of Cascade up there.  But I think the Tundra pattern probably would look nicer in the variegated yarns suggested.  I think the Cascade would really make the cables and ribbing show up on the Cranberry Capelet.  So now it’s just to decide which one.  From left to right:  chocolate brown, dark turquoise, forest green and my favourite “galaxy” which is a purple/navy.


3 thoughts on “never gonna”

  1. Love those Poopers! Lens is/was amazing! Also love that skein of Malabrigo worsted. Those colours are gorgeous. Have a great day, Terri!

  2. Hi Terri,

    Well Santa surely knows what to get you for Christmas doesn’t he??? You have captured some beautiful pictures of your pooches.

    I love the Tundra cape/cowl. And I really think that doing it in a solid would show off the pattern really well. I think you have a hard decision to make …. but for me, it would be the Tundra.

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