It’s just not the same

I told myself that my newest lens (50mm f1.4) that I got back in September would be a good substitute for the FAB lens I rented.  So I recreated the photo conditions from yesterday, exact same time, lighting conditions, shutter and aperature.  The only difference is that this is a fixed 50 mm focal length (and about $1,400 less than the 24 mm lens).

50 mm lens
not my beloved lens

 – vs –

worth it at any price



One thought on “It’s just not the same”

  1. I have the canon 50mm 1.4 and I really love it! I take most of my shots with it if I can. Although, I tend to balance for things like light, etc, in photoshop. I bet if you touched that photo up a bit it would look just as nice as the delicious expensive lens but save you… well, a lot of cash!

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